7th February 2018
5 Daily Things Parents Can Do To Raise A More Confident Girl premium
We live in a society where men and women alike have successful careers and fulfil worthwhile roles, be it as politicians, teachers or community volunteers. Yet it is widely known that women suffer more from problems related to low self-esteem than men, which in serious cases can lead to anxiety and depression. As parents we […]
4th July 2017
The Most Positive Person I Know premium
Jenny is the sort of person you’d like to see after a day when you feel you haven’t accomplished anything. A day where you arrive at work already feeling exhausted, you don’t manage to get anything crossed off your to-do list during the day, you’re stuck in traffic on your way home and once home, […]
13th June 2017
Ode to Hennesseys premium
    Once a week my daughters and I step through an old green door on North Street, Bristol. When we step through that door we enter a different world. A world all three of us love. The room we enter is dark. Even in the blazing sunshine, some artificial light will be needed inside. The […]
28th April 2017
How Dr Michael Mosley is improving my health premium
I first came across Dr Michael Mosley some years back on the BBC’s Trust Me, I’m a Doctor. In this programme Dr Mosley and a team of doctors look at all kinds of popular ideas and beliefs about our health and tell us what’s really true. The subjects they’ve tackled include: How much water should […]
20th April 2017
Be aware: postnatal pain is not always what it seems premium
So you’ve given birth. ‘Well thank god that’s over!’, most of us will think. But what if the pain doesn’t go away? In fact, you’re in agony for days after your labour and can’t pinpoint what’s wrong with you. Meet Sarah, who after giving birth to her first daughter just wasn’t able to sit down […]
14th March 2017
Life Can Be This Simple Or The day I bid farewell to my smart phone premium
‘Mummy, how do you spell water?’ my four-year-old asks me over breakfast. Next to her sits my one-year-old in her high chair, patiently waiting for her next spoonful of porridge which I’m holding. ‘Mummy? Mummy! Mummy! Mummy! How do you spell water?’ my oldest asks me again, her voice a few octaves higher this time […]
17th February 2017
Hospital Birth or Home Birth? That is the question… premium
So, you’re pregnant. But where do you want to give birth to your baby? At hospital or at home? Many expectant mothers struggle with making this decision, despite a plethora of information out there about both options. What might help is to hear from a mother who has been in both situations. Her name is […]
11th January 2017
How Your Clitoris Can Disappear premium
Imagine this. You feel that things aren’t quite right ‘down there’, so you grab a mirror to take a look at yourself, and this is what you see. Your labia have reduced in size by half, at the top of your labia the skin has sealed over and worst of all, you can’t see your […]
7th December 2016
Baby Loss: Heart break, Hugs and Healing premium
Once a month I introduce myself to a group of people. This is what I say: “Hi, my name is Laetitia and my partner and I lost a baby boy in March 2015.” Every first Thursday of the month I attend our local Sands meeting. Sands is the UK’s leading stillbirth and neonatal death charity, […]
2nd November 2016
Giving Birth: Not something you can plan premium
Meet Rachel, an energetic, witty and full-of-life 37 year-old mother. Just over four years ago she was about to give birth for the first time. Being the intelligent and inquisitive sort of woman she is, Rachel was well-prepared and well-informed. She had read up on all the different birthing options and places, and through NCT […]