The Most Positive Person I Know

glass half full or half empty

Jenny is the sort of person you’d like to see after a day when you feel you haven’t accomplished anything. A day where you arrive at work already feeling exhausted, you don’t manage to get anything crossed off your to-do list during the day, you’re stuck in traffic on your way home and once home, your children are whiney and don’t want to do anything you’d like them to do.

She is the sort of person you’d like to see first thing in the morning too, even before your morning coffee or tea, as Jenny will put a smile on your face and will put you in a good mood that will last the rest of day.


Every Cloud has a silver lining - John Milton
For Jenny every cloud has a silver lining


Jenny has the amazing ability to put a positive spin on everything. Car didn’t pass its MOT? Jenny will tell you it’s a great excuse to buy that car you’ve been having your eye on for a while. Things aren’t going so well between you and your other half?  Jenny will tell you that it’ll make you stronger as a couple in the long run. Have you run out of chopped tomatoes so you can’t make that dish tonight? Jenny will promptly invite you over to hers for a meal, a catch up, and an excuse to open up some bubbly.


Having a good time at Jenny's


It shocked me then to find out that Jenny of all people has been in pain – thankfully on and off – for the last seven years.  This super-smiley person has truly embraced the school of thought that staying positive will get you through anything. If she hadn’t shared her story with me, I would have never guessed. Jenny was brave enough to let me interview her for my regular stint on NetDoctor. By sharing her experience of developing haemorrhoids during childbirth which have never gone away, she will raise much-needed awareness amongst women about a subject that isn’t talked about enough.

In true Jenny style – did I tell you that she’s one of the brightest sparks I know? – she knew all the medical ins and outs of her condition and even handed me the NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) guidelines about treatment of haemorrhoids to incorporate in my article. As these guidelines are written for clinicians and very jargon-heavy, I barely understood them, so I had to consult some other sources too….

Please read my article on Jenny which was published on NetDoctor here.


NetDoctor haemorrhoids


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