Please allow me to use this platform to give you my plea to vote to remain in the EU on the 23rd of June. This cause is so close to my heart that I feel the need to reach out to you.

I believe that there are many valid financial, economical and legal reasons to stay in the EU, which undoubtedly you’ve been exposed to through the media. But that’s not what my plea is about. I would like to reach out to you plain and simple, from one person to another. Please let me share with you what the EU has meant to me.

The EU allowed me to study and work in three different European countries, giving me an insight into different cultures, which I believe made me a more rounded and open-minded individual. But more importantly, the EU allowed me to start a life in the country that I fell in love with many years before I came to live in it.

My love for Britain started when I first came across the English language at a young age. Its mysterious – and for me then often unpronounceable – syllables put me under a magical spell, I was hooked from the start.

Next it was the incredible plethora of musical masterpieces that Britain has created which blew me away. The wonderful sounds and clever lyrics of The Beatles, 10CC, ELO and Supertramp became such significant parts of my childhood that these songs cannot be disengaged from my childhood memories. With each happy memory there’s a song, and each song goes accompanied with a memory.

But what sealed the deal was YOU, the people of Britain. Your easy acceptance, your friendly inclusiveness and your admirable open-mindedness that I was met with when I came over to Britain aged 19 to study and work.

The EU has allowed me to build up a life here, in your wonderful multi-cultural nation with its breathtaking landscapes and coastlines. Your nation of Shakespeare, Turner, Jane Austin, Philip Larkin, Julie Andrews, Eddie Izzard, Kate Atkinson, Benedict Cumberbatch and so many other extremely talented people.  Your nation of wonderfully polite people, respectful people, eccentric people, modest people, hospitable people and helpful people.

It’s YOU, the people of Britain who helped me integrate and assimilate to such an extent that your country is now running through my veins. So much so that, just like most of you, I get goose bumps when a British athlete receives a medal at the Olympics and I even well up when I hear Jerusalem being played. Every day there is something that makes me love this country even more (my latest ‘loves’ are the beautiful Welsh county Pembrokeshire and the fountain of knowledge that is BBC Radio 4).

Your amazing country has perhaps always been part of my DNA. Perhaps I was predestined to walk my path in life on British soil. And maybe I’ve gone full circle now that I’m part of a British family with my wonderful British gentleman of a partner and our two daughters.

Please vote IN. Vote IN for people like myself who feel a deep passion for living in another country and in return will contribute to that country and love that country as if it was their own. Vote IN to give your children, your grandchildren, your nieces or your nephews the opportunity to walk their path in life wherever this may be.

Thank you.

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Laetitia Tempelman

I am a freelance journalist whose specialist area is women and their extraordinary lives and achievements. Additionally I am a PR manager for a Bristol-based creative media agency. I’ve held several Journalism and PR roles at Reuters, Future Publishing, Gartner and currently at Publicity Matters. Originally from the Netherlands, I studied English Language and Literature at the University of Plymouth (BA Hons). I subsequently finished a Masters in European Journalism at Cardiff University.


  1. Some very good points contained within this article, much food for thought.
    Also read, Anne Clwyd’s article ‘together we will prosper as solidarity keeps us safe’…..a Welsh woman with wow!

  2. A great perspective. Much of the debate around Brexit has ignored the human element, while poeple bicker over political nonsense. I’ve already voted by post and voted to remain.

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