How Dr Michael Mosley is improving my health

I first came across Dr Michael Mosley some years back on the BBC’s Trust Me, I’m a Doctor. In this programme Dr Mosley and a team of doctors look at all kinds of popular ideas and beliefs about our health and tell us what’s really true. The subjects they’ve tackled include: How much water should you drink per day? ; Do we all need 8 hours sleep per night? ; And is Manuka honey really that beneficial for your health? The team doesn’t just tell us about the latest research out there, no they also try everything out themselves, a very persuasive technique.

Dr Mosley’s powerful ‘self-experimentation’ style of journalism has won me over several times now. Because of him and his team, I’ve stopped taking multivitamins (as you don’t need them if you eat a balanced diet), I’ve stopped using beauty products that contain parabens, SLS and other nasties (as they are harmful to your body and to the environment), and I don’t worry too much if I haven’t washed my shop-bought fruit and veg properly (as it makes no significant difference to our health).

I was fortunate enough to talk to the man himself about his latest project, the 8-week blood sugar diet. Many of you will know Dr Mosley as the man behind the popular 5:2 fast diet, which he created some years ago (with the help of several specialists) specifically to combat his own early type 2 diabetes. The 5:2 consists of cutting your daily calorie intake to a quarter on 2 days per week (so if your daily intake is 2000 calories per day, on 2 days a week it’s just 500 calories). Whilst researching this diet, he again used his popular method of self-experimentation and crucially managed to reverse his diabetes completely.

Dr Mosley’s 8-week blood sugar diet is the further developed version of the 5:2. It has remarkably high success rates in reversing people’s prediabetes and diabetes. And seeing that over 300 million people worldwide suffer from diabetes, a figure that’s only on the increase, it’s crucial that something needs to be done about this global epidemic.

Now, I don’t have (pre)diabetes and I don’t need to lose weight. But again Michael Mosley’s knowledge and experience has persuaded me to make several changes to my health, as many parts of this holistic diet are beneficial to anyone. I’ve taken on his HIT exercise regime, which fits much better into my busy life (it only takes 5 minutes 3 times a week!), I’ve started to practice mindfulness on a daily basis and I’ve made some positive changes to our family diet (especially buying less food with a high sugar contents). And I feel great for it!

Please read my interview with Dr Michael Mosley for NetDoctor here .

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