24th November 2017
Women’s Health: My Week On A Plate – Dr Zoe Williams premium
It was an absolute pleasure to speak to Dr Zoe Williams, media GP (This Morning, Trust Me I’m A Doctor) and former Gladiator about her diet and lifestyle for the feature My Week On A Plate. This piece was published in the November 2017 issue of Women’s Health magazine which is one of the fastest […]
23rd September 2017
10 awesome health benefits of doing yoga for just 15 minutes a day premium
This article gives readers 10 excellent reasons why practicing yoga on a daily basis for just 15 minutes will make you reap the most health benefits. From feeling happier and more energetic to ultimately living longer. This piece was published on the website NetDoctor which is one of the largest health websites in the UK with 8 million […]
28th June 2017
Haemorrhoids after childbirth: What you should know premium
This article conveys one woman’s experience of developing haemorrhoids during pregnancy which worsened considerably after childbirth. She describes how she dealt with the pain and inconvenience and how she’s been able to change her lifestyle to avoid flare-ups. This article raises awareness amongst women on a difficult subject that isn’t written about enough. This piece was published on the […]
28th April 2017
Dr Michael Mosley reveals all about the 8-Week Blood Sugar Diet premium
An interview with popular TV GP Dr Michael Mosley (The One Show, Trust Me I’m a Doctor, Horizon) about his successful 8-week Blood Sugar Diet. Dr Michael Mosley is well known for his popular 5:2 diet, and the 8-week Blood Sugar Diet is a further developed version of this. The 8-week Blood Sugar Diet is designed […]
19th April 2017
Coping with Coccydynia after Childbirth premium
This article describes Sarah’s ordeal after giving birth. Her prolonged agony and inability to sit down as it was too painful, was presumed by health professionals to be part of her postnatal recovery. It wasn’t until she saw a physiotherapist that she was diagnosed with coccydynia. This piece was published on the website NetDoctor which is one […]
20th February 2017
Home birth versus hospital birth: One mother who has tried both reveals all premium
This article describes Amy’s two very different birth experiences. With her first son she tried for a home birth but ended up having medical intervention in hospital. With her second son she had a successful home birth. In fact, she ended up giving birth at home without any medical professional present. This piece was published on the website […]
11th January 2017
One woman reveals what it’s like to suffer from Lichen Sclerosus premium
This article describes one woman’s ordeal in dealing with the rare skin condition Lichen Sclerosus, which causes itching and shrinkage of the genital area. Isabel tell her story of how she initially thought she just had thrush, how later on her clitoris disappeared, and how living with Lichen Sclerosus affects her day-to-day life. This piece was published on […]
2nd November 2016
How To Cope When Your Labour Doesn’t Go To Plan premium
This article describes one woman’s first time labour, how she was aiming for a home birth but ended up having every intervention in hospital apart from a C-section. It also deals with the important issue of coming to terms with a birth trauma and offers expert advice on the matter. This piece was published on the website NetDoctor […]
10th October 2016
What you need to know about Pelvic Organ Prolapse premium
I’m so pleased that I have been able to help contribute to Angela’s media campaign about Pelvic Organ Prolapse. A sufferer from this debilitating condition, Angela wants to raise awareness amongst the general public. This article goes beyond the usual ‘what is it and what are the symptoms?’. It addresses the big question: ‘why is it so […]
11th August 2016
5 Thing To Know About Labour Induction premium
Having recently gone through an induced labour, I felt the need to write a positive piece about it. It’s an informative and honest piece, its main message being ‘don’t be afraid’. I believe that this point needs to be made, as most information that’s currently out there on labour induction appear to be rather negative. This piece was […]