How To Cope When Your Labour Doesn’t Go To Plan

This article describes one woman’s first time labour, how she was aiming for a home birth but ended up having every intervention in hospital apart from a C-section. It also deals with the important issue of coming to terms with a birth trauma and offers expert advice on the matter.

This piece was published on the website NetDoctor which is one of the largest health websites in the UK with 8 million unique visitors per month.

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Laetitia Tempelman

I am a freelance journalist whose specialist area is women and their extraordinary lives and achievements. Additionally I am a PR manager for a Bristol-based creative media agency. I’ve held several Journalism and PR roles at Reuters, Future Publishing, Gartner and currently at Publicity Matters. Originally from the Netherlands, I studied English Language and Literature at the University of Plymouth (BA Hons). I subsequently finished a Masters in European Journalism at Cardiff University.

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